" a pearl among Croatian Adriatic islands "

The island of Vis, a natural paradise, is located on the open sea and the most remote of all the central Dalmatian islands.

The whole island is divided between two beautiful small towns, which are at the foot of two large bays. On the northeast side is the town of Vis, which is the capital of the island, and on the southwest is the town of Komiza. In the past, Komiža was a fishing port and the town of Vis an agricultural and trade centre.

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The history of Vis dates back to the 4th century BC. when it was founded as a Greek colony by the Dorians from Syracuse under the name of Issa. Issa soon became an independent city-state, and in the ancient world, it gained fame by the excellence of its wines. In VII. century with the arrival of settlers who excel in maritime skills and at the end of the 10th century the Venetians attacked and destroyed Vis.
For future defence, they built two settlements, Kut and Luka, from which modern Vis will emerge. After the rule of Napoleon, Austria, the French, the British, the Italians, the whole island was under the control of the Yugoslav partisans. It was a military base for almost 50 years, and by 1989 it was isolated and cut off from foreign visitors. The only benefit of the island’s complete isolation is its pristine nature which is why this island is genuine “Mediterranean as it once was”.

Due to its beauty, the Blue Biševo Cave has declared a protected geomorphological monument of nature in 1951.

What to see in Vis

  • Visit Tito’s cave
  • Former Military Bases
  • Biševo and Blue Cave
  • Green Cave
  • Komiža
  • Taste the finest Vugava
  • Fort George
  • Beaches and bays (Stiniva, Zaglav, Velika Smokova, Srebrna…)

The phenomenon of blue and silver shades of the sea creates the recognizability and splendour of this cave. Depending on the time of day and angle, sunlight penetrates inside the cave, leading to shades of blue, the colours merge, so the sea in the cave sometimes has the colour of liquid silver. Of all the Croatian islands, the island of Vis is the most mysterious - even for the locals.