Town of Sibenik

" Kresimir's castle "

The city of Sibenik in the central part of the Adriatic is located in the most protected natural harbor. The city has a rich history and is of great importance for Croatian history because it is the only coastal city founded by Croats, not Romans. It is assumed that the Croats inhabited the Sibenik area at the beginning of VII. a century and in the IX. a century from the settlement at the foot of the fortress of St. Michael gradually began to create their principality. The fortress rises on a hill and is the oldest fortress in Sibenik.

It was first mentioned in 1066 in the deed of gift of King Petar Kresimir IV. that is why it is also called Kresimir's city. In 1169 it was officially granted city status. In 1412 it fell under the rule of Venice and in that period the Cathedral of St. Jakov, the most important cultural and historical monument.

In the XV. century was the most massive Ottoman attack of the Turks on Sibenik. After that, the Italian army came, and during World War II the Allies bombed the city. In 1943, Sibenik was occupied by German forces and finally liberated in 1944. The JNA attacked it again in 1991, and in August 1995, Operation Storm released it.
Channel Sv. Ante is a natural phenomenon that protected the entrance to sibenik Bay and made it one of the safest bays. It is about 2,500 meters long and is characterized by Aleppo pine and black oak forests. It should be mentioned that travertine barriers were also found in the sea, which indicates that there were waterfalls in the past. You can see the ruins of old towers and an attractive sea tunnel dug in the Second World War, and the army of the former Yugoslavia built a complex of military facilities.

In the canal is the fortress of St. Nicholas, a unique building of Venetian Renaissance fortification construction. It was built to protect the city of Sibenik and its port and the mouth of the river Krka from the sea to Skradin. In 2017, the fortress was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What to see in Sibenik

  • The Old Town Hall
  • Chatedral of Saint James
  • St. Nichola's Fortress
  • St. John's Fortress
  • St. Michael's Fortress
  • The Count's Palace(Civic Musem)
  • Krka National Park

Sibenik is rich in tradition, culture, buildings, monuments, fortifications. Every street and square in the old town provokes the eyes of guests and tells its story. In the early 1990s, it began to develop and transform into a tourist pearl. Experience this unique city.