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Unique wine and food experiences in Croatia

From the Adriatic Sea shore in Dalmatia to the Slavonian plains, each Croatian region offers its own unique culinary and wine personality that will amaze you.
With specially selected wine tours experience Croatian wines by walking through vineyards and famous wineries.

Get to know Croatia every day through the delicious side of the gastronomy and excellent wine tasting list. Let your sense of taste take you on tours through centuries of tradition and enjoy the best specialities of Dalmatia.

Croatia, known for its wines as one of the oldest wine regions, has more than 130 authentic grape varieties, 3 wine regions and 12 wine subregions.

Cruise along the best coast following the grapes' traces, explore wines aged in amphorae or buried on the seabed. The connection between the sea and wine has a very long tradition that is hard to resist.
Dalmatia has some of the most beautiful Croatian vineyards locations in which the highest-quality specimens of vines grow.

Wine is valued, wine is loved, wine is respected.

Enjoy your cruises like never before, with some delicate rosé wine or bright white wine, perhaps a more powerful, more potent, red wine. Everyone can find a flavor that suits them.
Oysters and mussels, excellent grilled fish, salted anchovies, turkey with grinders, Split pasticada, and desserts such as cakes, kotonjata, rožata, kroštule or fritule will win your senses.

Enjoy the famous Brač "vital", taste the traditional Brač cake or young sheep cheese with caramel with the inevitable olive oil, and meet the Plavac wine of dark purple color, tart, and rich flavors.

The ship cruise trip will take you to Dubrovnik on the “Rožata”, which is created with the unique aroma of the esteemed rose liqueur and arancini, candied orange peel.

Reward your palate with divine drops of the most prized red wines in Croatia. On the Pelješac peninsula where the cult Plavac mali grows, grown on steep slopes vineyards with an amazing view, exposed to intense sun that gives full and powerful wines, such as Dingač, Grgić, and Postup.

Cruise wines tours on the island of Korcula with the famous culinary oysters, and refreshing delicious special white wine Pošip. Dry wine of golden yellow color with pronounced aromas of dried apricots and figs will give you an authentic experience of the south.

On the island of Hvar, travel tour with a combination of tradition and freshness. Enjoy a lavender cake with local Bogdanusa, a pleasant wine of golden yellow color and low acidity.

Olive oil, an icon of Mediterranean culture, has been an essential ingredient of Croatian local cuisine and one of the most special Croatian products for centuries. Top-quality fresh bread, olive oil, salt, and pepper are becoming an increasingly popular appetizer food. It would be best to try Pag cheese, one of the most awarded and most appreciated Croatia and World cheeses.

It's fantastic what Croatia has to offer, isn't it? Feel free to let your imagination run wild.

We also launched an interactive wine tastings and gourmet food with a captain's dinner onboard, transforming our ship to a fancy winery. Let's enjoy wine poetry together.
All this is possible as part of a carefully designed everyday new tour that will satisfy every refined palate.

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