Special Event & Wedding

Special Event & Wedding | Celebration Cruise

A boat cruise is a unique setting for all your events.

Do you have a special birthday coming up, diploma, renewal of vows, engagements, or a weddings anniversary celebration? Or perhaps you just want to gather all of your family or friends together for an unforgettable group holiday? Either way, there's no better place to celebrate your special events than onboard a luxury cruises.
Also is the ideal solution for companies events and organizations at the same time offers an extremely attractive environment

From special dinners, including champagne, flowers to onboard gifts, the cruise ship crew likes to help you with service and organization of a special events. The options are many. We'll take care of the event planning so that you can enjoy every moment of your cruise.

Life should be celebrated! What better way to do that, than on a Croatia Cruises cruise? Let's create the perfect event experience while you relax and have the time of your life.

If you are marking a special occasion by inviting the whole family of several generations then this is the perfect opportunity for an overall fantastic adventure on a small cruise ship! Relax and enjoy life on a cruise ship with people that matter to you the most.

Saying vows and celebrating love at sunset, swaying on light waves with stunning sea views in the middle of a picturesque Dalmatian island, with the song of crickets and clean air. Let your imagination do its thing. Wedding on board like a magical stage provides a special touch of romance and elegance. Let’s make your day even more special.

In a country that, by its beauty with more than a thousand islands, islets, bays, is created for every dream wedding with any scenario you want. The possibilities are limitless, and you can round off all this magic with a variety of lighting, candles, fireworks and the release of lanterns. Imagine spending a night dancing under the stars at new paradise called Croatia. Real organizers with excellent knowledge and experience in planning and organization; indulge and enjoy your special day. We do not doubt that this will be an event that will be retold in your family for generations.

Do you dream of a romantic wedding on a boat?