Relaxing cruise

Relaxing cruise | Private Charter

Disconnect your phone and disappear with us

Enjoy the beautiful Croatian coast by relaxing pacefully onboard: swim, dive, eat gourment food, sunbathe, dance, and sing carefree.
Croatia is a country to cruise with sunshine in your eyes, salt on your skin, and wind in your hair.

Pack your swimsuits and sunglasses, we will take you to the most hidden destinations on the Adriatic coast, its ports, bays, stunning beaches. This designed itinerary gives you enough time to relax and countless magical photo possibilities.

Cruising allows you to immerse yourself in the life around you. The exciting thing about cruising is that it is never boring or the same.
Spend moments in the open living room in the fresh air and breeze in your hair or napping on deck chairs, and the crew will prepare gourmet Dalmatian snacks and refreshing drinks for you.

To spend time in uninhabited bays of the Croatian Adriatic is to experience the beauty that our islands and coast offer in their original sense. Let's anchor the ship and enjoy the equally clean ambient in one of the rare corners of the Mediterranean, still untouched by civilization.

Travel where you want, when you want, do whatever you like. One of the best things that cruising as a type of vacation can offer you are waking up in a new port every day.
In the most beautiful places enjoy panoramic view of the sunset dancing across the horizon and enjoy with the people who are most important to you.

Discover hidden bays and beaches, taste the Mediterranean lifestyle, or just sleep peacefully under a blanket of stars... A trip to Croatia by sea is a life-changing vacation!

With all of this together, we promise you will make such good memories, that live with you forever.