Historic & sightseeing cruise

Historic & sightseeing cruise

Get to know the rich Dalmatian past with our experienced guides

The crossroads between East and West, South and North, Croatia has developed a wide artistic, literary, and musical tradition over the years. A rich cultural heritage that lives beyond museums, churches, and cathedrals. There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good new story, and Croatia is full of great stories.

Have you had the chance to cruise along the Croatian coast or are you already familiar with great travel tours in our beautiful country? There is no question that Croatia is one of the leaders in international nautical tourism, however, what aspect of the diverse cruises offer will suit your tastes is up to you.

Embark on an imperial tour through the 1700 years of ancient Split, whose history dates back to the 4th century and the Roman emperor Diocletian. Take a walk through the royal palace, visit the church of St. Duje, Prokurative, and the entire historic core which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stroll through the picturesque old streets and discover the stunning beauty and culture of the old town of Dubrovnik situated at the foot of Mount Srđ, which is one of the most important cultural treasures of Europe. A medieval gem surrounded, with walls built in the 10th century, a wide Stradun promenade, architectural treasures, artistic power and cultural abundance, Gothic-Renaissance churches, monasteries, palaces, and fountains. In Dubrovnik was filmed the famous Game of Thrones series, which turned the city into the capital of King's Landing. For all fans of this series, we will take you on a tour of all the most important places from this popular series.

Discover Zadar, a 3000-year-old historic city located on a peninsula, a town with a long, turbulent and dynamic history, often demolished, looted, destroyed from which it emerged victoriously. You will see the remains of the Roman Forum, the church of St. Donat, which is a symbol of the city, walk along the famous street Kalelarga. You will hear the story of a unique system of city walls and a unique sea organ that plays an unforgettable melody every time a sea wave hits the shore.

Reach the pearl of Dalmatia - Kresimir's renaissance Sibenik, which is located on a hill of intertwined narrow stone streets.
The heart of Sibenik is the elegant stone cathedral of Sv. Jacob whose construction took more than a hundred years. An unavoidable ride is through the Sibenik Channel, and the city is surrounded by magnificent fortresses that are the guardians of Sibenik's history - (Barons, St. Michael, St. John and St. Nicholas).