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Adventures Cruise Croatia | Small Ship Cruise

Ride a bike, hike, kayaking, dive, zipline, surf

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Then you are in the right place because through the wide selection of sports and adventure tours we have got you covered.

Adventure Cruising is a travel experience for open-minded, curious explorers who seek adventure at small ship cruise along the Croatian coast.
On the adventures cruise, you’ll be exploring ports, islands and remote destinations, experiencing the best of land and sea. Search for the real beauties of Dalmatia through adventure cruise travel.

Whether you want to ride a bike, hike, kayak, dive, zipline, surf and so on, we have no doubt that everyone will find something for themselves on this colorful travel.
Our adventure cruising combines freedom and flexibility, connecting with a new culture or a new landscape, and learn some new skills at the same time.

Floating down a cool river on a hot summer day can be an excellent adventure to explore a new area, winding rivers and their canyons located in breathtaking landscapes. You get all the excitement of battling a rapid, and you can also sit back and enjoy the view during the calmer sections of the river. Rafting on the river Cetina in the river canyon's protected area has become a trendy tourist attraction. A tour in the crystal green waters of the Cetina and the spectacular landscape are the perfect adventurous combination.

Canyoning is a real treat; the crystal clear water and the river surrounded by high cliffs suitable for swimming, provide an authentic experience of untouched nature. A walk along the river and rapids, passing through underground tunnels, lush vegetation, underground tunnels, touring waterfalls and lakes with the constant sound of water as you pass through the wonderfully beautiful landscape. The river Cetina, which has been flowing for thousands of years, has created mystical shapes in its canyon and provides an experience of nature's real power and beauty.

Want to soar through the trees and experience nature from a different angle? You should try zip lining. Ziplines and canopy tours are a fantastic way to see a new area quickly. You see everything from a different angle. It's an excellent opportunity to turn your trip to the Adriatic coast into an adventure tourism activity.

Paintball is a board game with a lot of fun, and that sense of fun brings us back again and again.
It's an opportunity to get away from everyday life and spend some time with your friends and family. From planning a game to bragging after an epic battle, let the better team win.

The adrenaline and adventure it provides, running through the woods, hiding behind an inflatable bunker, exploring the terrain, and surpassing the opposing group. Let the better team win. It is an opportunity to feel the sun and the wind, while enjoying quality socializing with Mother Nature.

We could write pages and pages about diving because the whole Adriatic is a beautiful underwater landscape, a “world of silence”. Dive into the cleanest sea in Europe. The exceptional clarity of the sea with excellent visibility will show you the numerous wrecks of ancient Roman galleys, ships, the unique experience of the Blue Cave expedition under the sea and the beautiful underwater world with its flora and fauna. And those a little happier can meet dolphins. Breathtaking beauty, from the shallows to great depths.

Travel with your family or group of friends on our small cruise ship and visit special destinations with our professional guides.
Plan a luxury trip with Croatia Cruises because the best adventures cruises await for you!