Adventure Cycle & Hike Cruise

Adventure Cycle & Hike Cruise

From mountain roads to paved roads for family.

If you're talking about exciting physical activities that allow you to explore the outdoors, it would be a crime to leave out bike ride tour.

Whether you want to relax and unwind, or experience varied and gratifying rides, you will find a variety of excellent cycling tours for everyone's taste in which you will like and enjoy the natural beauties of Dalmatia. Get into the heart of Dalmatian coast, a place where the mountains meet the sea, where stunning deep gorges, lush forests, and lost villages wait to be explored. Experience the best of Croatia from your bike as you cycle from the stunning island of Brac to the paths around the river Cerina and shimmering lakes of Mljet National Park.

From macadam roads perfect for mountain biking to paved roads for family trips.

New to mountain biking? No worries! Many locations have trails that range from beginner to advanced. Mountain biking offers a great workout and a fun way to experience nature. With our small ship cruise, you'll be able to travel further distances on trails and explore new cycling tours.

Getting out and experiencing a new location under the power of your own two feet is always a great option. Hiking trip allows you to slow down and enjoy more aspects of your surroundings. Day hikes are a good option for most anyone that loves the outdoors.

In Croatia, you can find some of the most beautiful national parks, waterfalls, rivers, and mountains in Europe. Cruising amoung is truly the perfect way for exploration with bikes. Get your heart pumping as you hike and bike amongst some of the country’s most gorgeous surrounds. There’s also plenty of time to enjoy fresh, local cuisine, see the sights and enjoy some downtime in this beautiful country on the Adriatic Sea.

Get back to nature, challenge yourself, and enter landscapes well beyond our urban environments. Picture yourself enjoying a spontaneous moment as you smile back at a nomadic mountain lady, snack by a rushing stream, follow winding paths that weave through the mountains, and scale rugged and rocky terrain in search of the perfect sunrise.

With help of our premium partner Inselhupfen, we can organize a beautiful 7-day tours on our cruise ships, with cycling and hiking routes on different islands. The beautiful nature, hills and mountains, the blue of the sea and the beauty of the island will surely leave you speechless. We can even organize hiking routes along with your cruises. Just tell us your wishes, and we will take care of it.

There are many bicycle cruise excursions, but Croatia offers remarkable architecture, long history, geographical location and natural wonders.