Why small cruise ship

Why small cruise ship

Looking for inspiration for your trip to Croatia?

Think about it – a chilled time, complete relaxation, holidays with motion & freedom, every day new destinations while enjoying the best possible views of the clean seas and unexplored islands.
One of the major benefits of taking a cruise is that there is no time lost traveling between places that you visit.

Elegant boats are more like a luxury hotel on the water, which allows you a comfortable trip, without crowds and without the need to unpack every night.
Stretching from the island on the north to the south, this magnificent coastline custom-made for small ship cruising and is the perfect way to see this beautiful country.

Personal Service

The crew is truly what makes the difference between a good vacation and one that your family and friends talk about forever. The low ratio of crew to passengers means an exceptional feeling when the crew will treat you like family, getting to know you personally. Our crew is the one who will give you an extra mile and make your cruise vacation feel right at home.

Private gourmet restaurant

Dining on top-quality cuisine during your getaway is one of the pleasures of a yacht charter vacation. Every day when you gather around the table, with superb service and a personalized menu prepared by our chefs, you will be able to feast on gourmet cuisine suited to your tastes.

See historic cities

Croatia small ship cruises are focused more on the destinations, which have developed a wide history, artistic, literary, rich cultural heritage, and musical tradition over the years. There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good new story, and Croatia is full of great stories.
Adventure due to all the things learned and seen and without any doubt makes cruising, such a rich and fulfilling experience.

Get to know more of Croatia

Spend your time taking part in land excursions. Search for the real beauties of Dalmatia through adventure cruise travel.
Whether you want to ride a bike, hike, kayak, dive, zipline, surf, and so on, we have no doubt that everyone will find something for themselves on this colorful travel.
Head to exciting places like national parks filled with waterfalls, get to know Croatia every day through the delicious side of the gastronomy and excellent wines that will amaze you. Enjoy shopping for unique boutiques and souvenirs.

Visit secluded beaches, bays and enjoy the benefits of sea air

Croatia is a country to cruise with sunshine in your eyes, salt on your skin, and wind in your hair. The Adriatic Sea is a summer pool, cozy and intimate like your holiday escape should be. We will take you to the most hidden destinations on the Adriatic coast, its ports, bays, stunning beaches, navigate narrow waterways, and right into the hearts of medieval coasts.
A cruise gives you the opportunity to visit parts of Croatia’s stunning coastline that can only be reached by boat. Imagine waking up every morning to beautiful sea scenery, numerous islands ahead, and secluded bays that tempt you to stop for a refreshing swim stop. In the most beautiful places enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset dancing across the horizon.

Vacation brings people together

If there is a friend or family you haven't seen for a long time and you keep promising each other to meet, then this is the perfect opportunity. One of the delights of cruising is that it brings people together. At least once a year turns the world off, relax, and enjoy life with people that matter to you the most

Memories for a lifetime

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of chartering a cruise ship. Go where you want, when you want.
Cruising is like nothing you have experienced before. Not only do you get to know yourself better during this time, but you learn new customs, meet so many different people and bond with your family and friends. All of this together, we promise you will make such good memories that live with you forever.
Unlock unique experience - no request is too big or too small. Upgrade your cruising holiday with Croatia Cruises and create your new story to tell.