What is included in a cruise package

What is included in a cruise package?

What inclusions you can expect from a cruise package?

Cruise vacation in Croatia has never been more affordable and is one of the better ways to explore miles of stunning coastline at your own pace.

Whether you’re on a cruise for the first time or already a world-class sailing expert, the choices are endless. Everything related to the holiday must be easy, especially in the planning phase, making the booking process more manageable.

The first step in planning your cruising adventure is choosing your favorite crewed vessel. The crew and captain are indeed what makes the difference between a good vacation and one that your family and friends talk about forever. The yacht’s accommodation and facilities are essential, but the crew is advantageous to you and makes the vessel feel right at home.

With so much already included in the price, below we have described in detail the content and list of accessories to tailor your cruise to your needs.


Welcome drink and snack

On the day of boarding with a welcome drink, you will be greeted by a Dalmatian snack.
Snacks will always be available for everyday sweet moments, and fruit for refreshment.

Accommodation – your private suite

Choose a double bed, twin bed, or a three-bed suite with its facilities, like television, en-suite bathroom, sitting area, and daily cleaning service, including tidying and cleaning the room, changing towels linen changing twice during the cruise week.

Personal assistant – preparation for an amazing cruise

We carefully consider all your wishes to provide you from the first to the last day with the best cruising experience ever.
We help you with ideas for the best possible travel and cruise plan according to your specific wishes, desires, and preferences. Every day you will experience new unique locations, picturesque bays, beautiful beaches, stunning nature, exciting cities, and the crystally clear Adriatic Sea.
And there are numerous activities, from water sports, excursions, and arrangements for dinner in one of the many local taverns.
We will also help you organize transfers (from/to the airport/yacht) that are booked just before the start of the cruise.
We will be there for you throughout the cruise.


Once you come on board, our Captains and their crew will prepare the ultimate cruising experience for you. Our experienced team of professionals will take care to satisfy all of your needs.
    - Captain
    - Deckhands
    - Chef and assistant chef
    - Stewards and Hostess

Port and Tourist taxes

The Croatian local tourist and port taxes are included in every cruise package.
Port dues (taxes) are exactly what they sound like: the fees charged by ports for each guest on board (port use, boarding / disembarking)
Tourist taxes are fees charged for each night spent on board.


Like for a car, a cruise ship also needs fuel which is included for the entire week onboard.
Your water freedom ticket is a yacht tender for which fuel is also included in the charter price.
    - Picking up guests from the dock or shore
    - Entertainment purposes like cruising small coves and bays, enjoying water sports (banana ride, water ski and so).


We know it’s essential to stay in touch, so internet access is available onboard. Browse the web, check email, upload photos from your memorable trip. Enjoy the unlimited internet with a stable connection in every part of Croatia.


You can sit back and relax knowing you have included Insurance for the duration of your holiday with Croatia Cruises.
In the event of any accident on board, ship insurance insures each passenger. For all events out of the board, all passengers travelling should take out travel insurance in their country.
Guests are responsible for taking care of their personal belongings and the ship owner is not responsible for the eventual loss or damage of things.


When we drop the anchor in the bay, you will be able to enjoy water sports like kayaking, sup, snorkeling...
Imagine sitting in the jacuzzi with a glass of champagne in hand as you admire the sunset over the Adriatic. Or cooling off in the jacuzzi on a summer’s day during navigation. There’s no view like the view from a jacuzzi. Whether you call it a hot tub or jacuzzi, it is always one of the most popular amenities.


Food option

You have booked your yacht and are now thinking about the next big thing for your trip; how you will be fed and watered throughout the week. One of the best things about going on a cruise is the wide selection of food packages and drinks to choose from.

We hope you've got a good appetite because our private yacht chefs will prepare a traditional Mediterranean breakfast, lunch, and dinner, made according to authentic recipes that will amaze you.
With the offer of half board and full board, you can choose the one that will suit you best with a previously planned cruise.

Beverage option

Serving up everything from cocktails to cappuccinos, quality, and premium Croatian wine, onboard our drinks package to suit your style and taste.
What is cruising in the sun without an ice-cold beverage or two? We've laid out the four different options you have and how you should decide which one is for you. But worry not, we’re here to help you.
    - Drinks from yacht’s bar according to the bar price list.
    - Non alcoholic package (all domestic and foreign non-alcoholic drinks; cold and hot)
    - All-inclusive domestic (non-alcoholic package + selected domestic drinks - quality Croatian wines red & white, Croatian beer, Vodka, Gin, Cognac, Rum, traditional Brandies and fruit Liqueurs)
    - Corkage Fee (if you wish to bring your drinks onboard)

Land excursions & Nation Park tickets

Don't just see the world - experience it. Land trips can help you discover even more at every fantastic destination.
Explore each coast through excursions on land designed to delight all types of travelers. Unleash your inner explorer and discover bold new ways to connect with the people, culture, and places around you as you circle from one memorable port to another.


How much do you tip on a charter ship? This is always a big question for cruise guests. Tipping a yacht crew will help to appropriately show your appreciation for the high levels of service your crew provide.
The crew members often work incredibly long hours, and go to great lengths to ensure the success of your yacht charter. This is why leaving a tip is considered to be good etiquette.