Best time to cruise in Croatia

What is the best time to cruise in Croatia?

Croatia with its stunning landscapes and wealth of adventurous activities, beckons as an ideal cruise destination. But, when is the optimal time to embark on such a journey? This guide aims to shed light on that question, offering insights to help you seamlessly plan your Croatian cruise.

Every corner of Croatia, from its vibrant cities to its serene islands, tells a unique tale of beauty, history, and tradition. Our comprehensive monthly guide has meticulously gathered information to ensure you effortlessly navigate through Croatia's best cruising spots.

Armed with our detailed insights, you're set to not only pinpoint the perfect time for your cruise but also discover Croatia's must-see spots and top-tier activities that promise to enhance your journey. Let us lead the way as you effortlessly explore the allure of Croatia, ensuring your cruise becomes the adventure of a lifetime.

There are three major times for cruising - preseason, high season, and postseason.

  • Preseason (April and May): This period marks the onset of Croatia's cruising season. With its predictable weather, ample sunshine, and mild winds, it's a time when the seas may still carry a chill, yet the conditions are ideal for those looking to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Croatia without the crowds. This season offers a unique opportunity for explorers to take in the sights at a leisurely pace.
  • High Season (June, July, and August): The summer months represent the zenith of Croatia's cruising season. This is when the land radiates warmth, and the Adriatic Sea invites with its perfect swimming conditions. Gentle breezes complement the sunny days, creating an idyllic backdrop for both relaxation and adventure. It's the busiest time of the year, where vibrant energy and lively atmospheres prevail at every turn.
  • Postseason (September and October): As the year progresses into autumn, the postseason unveils a different facet of Croatia's charm. Though the days become shorter, the blend of warm waters and cool breezes crafts an exquisite maritime experience. This time is characterized by its serene beauty, offering a quieter but equally enchanting cruising experience, with nature showcasing its splendid transition.
Yacht Ohana in front of Korcula

Yacht Ohana docking in Korčula.

Cruising Croatia in April

April is the time of year when the cruising season begins. The prices will be lower than they are in summer, and you can avoid the crowds of tourists while experiencing more authentic Croatian culture.


The weather is just right so that you can enjoy sunny days with mild nights. You need to take both light and warm clothes.
The daily average temperature in Croatia in April is kept at 15-17°C (59 - 63°F) and 8-13°C (46 - 55°F). In the evening, depending on the region. The water for swimming can still be cold everywhere but it averages at a comfortable 15-16°C (59 - 61°F).

What to do and where to go:

The Adriatic is too cold to swim, but you can fill your day with outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking, which is an excellent athletic option available in April when the rivers are at their highest, creating more thrills! It's worth visiting Krka Waterfalls National Park as water levels rise this month, giving the many waterfalls an added dramatic flair.

Have you ever wanted to take a scenic ride along the coast? A bicycle is an ideal way of doing so, as it allows for breathtaking views over the landscape from your seat while cycling. You can go on this adventure in Primošten - a town famous because its composition makes up beautiful scenery with unique vineyards and seaside stones!

If you're looking to combine sightseeing with a little Culture Nightlife, take a walk at Dubrovnik city walls; take in views from its brightly lit towers. Explore its 16th-century stone walls of Lovrijenac and Revelin fortresses. And there's Split, too-this former Roman Empire seat boasts impressive architecture.

Traverse the Peristyle, and you will meet with Split's oldest inhabitant. The stone beauty of a Sphinx has been here for 3500 years! Enchanted by Egyptian culture, the emperor Diocletian brought her to Dalmatia while seeking inspiration for building his palace.

Events in April:

Holy Week

Holy Week is a 500-year-old tradition that has been preserved on Hvar Island. It captures the attention of many people, both locals, and foreigners alike! This 16-mile walk circuit stopping in each parish along the way through 8 hours will allow you an opportunity to experience Croatia's culture during this eventful journey.

Dubrovnik Festiwine, a wine festival of the Dubrovnik region

This is an excellent chance to taste some of the best wines in Dubrovnik-Neretva County! A week-long celebration showcasing all types and varieties of wines, so come ready with an open mind. You can learn about their history while you drink them—and maybe even pair up some food with pairing workshops too. There's live music, and then other fun events like cooking demonstrations and exhibitions just waiting around each corner…

Freinds enjoying their wine on a dock.

A sip of wine on a dock is always a great idea

Cruising Croatia in May

With May, the pre-season for cruising in Croatia starts, and warmer temperatures are just about perfect with more daylight.


With little rain, you'll be able to enjoy some cooling swims on your vacation!
Though daily average temperatures are to 20°C (68°F), with sea temperatures of 17°C (62°F) don’t forget your sunscreen, nightly temperatures drop 10 degrees; you'll need clothes that can handle chilly weather as well.

What to do and where to go:

Croatia is a country that blooms in May, and we're not just talking about the flowers. There's so much nature waiting for you on this beautiful coast before it gets too crowded with tourists. The weather is warm but not too hot, and it's ideal for hiking on the island of Mljet, a green national nature park, and exploring all that this destination has to offer!

The medieval town of Šibenik is a place where you can get lost in centuries-old architecture and its narrow cobblestone streets.

Travel to Marco Polo's Island Korčula, where you'll have access to the best of both worlds. Explore one of the finest examples of Venetian architecture on the Dalmatian coast, enjoy wine country (known for its millennial tradition of making fine wines), and relax on pristine beaches.

Events in May:


On May 7th, with a religious procession on the Riva promenade, Split celebrates its saint. The whole city comes alive as it marks the life and work of St. Domnius - a Roman Catholic bishop who founded churches all over Croatia before becoming its first archbishop! An eventful month-long celebration will be filled with music performances, poetry readings, exhibitions, a rowing regatta, and more, going back centuries ago in this ancient tradition that continues today.

Gastro events

The Gastronomy event is thematically divided to fit a variety of tastes. Combinations include food with movies, fishing, and wine all in the company of the outstanding authentic Dalmatian atmosphere on Croatian streets!
Split hosting two festivals: Street Food Festival and Spring Splits festival! At the Street Food Festival, you can enjoy authentic cuisine. And at Spring Split festival, dance under the stars to the rhythm of jazz, blues, and enjoy exhibitions and movies in a beautiful outdoor setting.
Good Food Festival - Visitors to Dubrovnik can enjoy the local flavors of past and present on this street festival. The idea is an inspired merging between two cultures, which allows one to taste delicious food!
Fishermen's evenings - Traditional fishing evenings where every seaside place has a gastronomic event dedicated to fish; you can try fish specialties such as fried fish, roasted sardines, or mussels on buzara alongside homemade wine served by cheerful fishermen - all set against an of authentic Dalmatian music!

Riva in Split

You can always find some fun on the Riva in Split.

Cruising Croatia in June

You are looking for a summer vacation that'll take your breath away? Then come to Croatia in June – the beginning of sailing high season!


With ideal weather conditions, the sun constantly shines, along with moderate winds, there is plenty to see and do, you'll be spoilt for choice. Soak up the sun on a cruise along the coast, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and explore the rich culture of this fascinating country.
You can already feel the heat of the sun on your skin, and at night when it gets dark, the temperature drops by only a few degrees, but in general, there's always something between 15- 25°C (59-77°F).
The sea is warm, with an average water temperature of around +25 Celsius (77°F).

What to do and where to go:

Suppose you’re looking for something that will challenge your body as well as your mind, head over to Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula and trek along the southern slopes. Another option is to venture out east towards Ston, climb its impressive defensive walls dating back over 2,000 years ago, and discover gastronomic delicacies such as mussels & oysters, known for its cultivation since old times.

If water sports are your thing, embark on a kayaking incredible tour along the coast of Croatia and discover hidden coves only accessible by sea. Explore ancient villages, medieval castles, and beautiful beaches as you paddle through the crystal clear sea.

Travel this beautiful country from a different perspective, embark on an incredible kayaking tour. Discover hidden coves only accessible by sea, explore ancient villages and medieval castles along Croatia's coast in addition to famous destinations like Dubrovnik city walls, the mysterious island of Lokrum, and hidden bays.

Except it's the sunniest, Hvar is also known as the island of lavender, blooming purple in June. Therefore, before returning from Hvar, be sure to try lavender ice cream, the taste of which will irresistibly remind you of one of the most beautiful islands throughout the year until you return.

Stroll through the town of Hvar with its impressive 13th-century walls to 16th-century Španjola Fortress. You can enjoy the best views on this tiny island and nearby islands in Pakleni Archipelago while sitting high up above them all.

Events in June:

Lavender Festival

There are several exciting and educational workshops and cultural, artistic, educational, and social events for all generations. Of course, everything is in the sign of lavender: lavender jam, lavender cream, lavender candles, lavender honey, pictures of lavender, and Lavender man - a famous comic book hero. Don't forget to take a souvenir.

International Children’s Festival

June is the month of children in Šibenik, who celebrate their imagination and creativity with an international festival. The squares are given over too little ones to express what they want through music or dance while also being exposed to other cultures around Europe!

Frotress Španjola in Hvar

Climb to a fortress Španjola for a magnificent view

Cruising Croatia in July

Croatia is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts in July. The weather is perfect, with clear skies and a warm sea is ideal for cruising around on a yacht and swimming in the Adriatic Sea. There are tons of cultural events around town, from classical music concerts to folkloric dances held by locals dressed up as their favorite character or festival of foods (Croatians know how to make good food!).


The temperature in July is usually between 27 - 30°C (80-86°F), but it can reach 32 degrees (89°F). Celsius on some days. The sea warms up to 25ºC (77°F), and with a light breeze, evening temperatures range from 23-25ºC (73-77°F).

What to do and where to go:

If you're looking for an action-packed summer vacation, look no further than Croatia. This beautiful country is home to several thrilling festivals in July, from theater and film to traditional culture and music events. You're sure to find something that appeals to you, whether you're a fan of classical music or art events.

Set sail and experience the beauty of Zlatni rat beach, one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. With its crystal-clear waters and endless activities, it's the perfect place to try out some new water sports. Soak up the sun on a parasailing or jet skiing excursion or hop on a banana boat for a thrilling ride. When you're ready to take a break, enjoy some delicious local cuisine at one of the family taverns. Try Brač lamb – it's famous all over Croatia!

Are you looking for a thrilling summer adventure? Try white water rafting down the Cetina River in Omiš. This river offers something for everyone, from exciting rapids to peaceful sections where you can take in the beautiful scenery. Soak up the sun and enjoy the adrenaline rush of rafting through some of the most stunning landscapes.

If you're looking for a breathtaking view, there's no better place than atop Srđ Mountain. You can take the cable car up, or if you're feeling energetic, walk up the winding path. Once you reach the top, take in the stunning panorama of Dubrovnik and the shimmering blue Adriatic Sea. After soaking up the views, stop at one of the charming cafes along the city walls for a refreshing drink as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Events in July:

Zadar Song festival

A Song festival that offers guests an introduction to Croatian folk music. You can also purchase handicrafts, souvenirs and taste delicious national dishes and wines.

Full Moon Festival

This romantic event is held every July in Zadar, and features lit torches and candles, making the city glow under the night sky, and it's boats lining the quays turn into floating fish markets.

Split Summer Festival

Embrace the sounds of summer with a performance at the Split Summer Festival. This event takes over the city’s ancient core, with exhibitions, concerts, dance, theater, and opera all taking place in the Peristil of Diocletian’s Palace.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

This prestigious summer festival presents a drool-worthy program of theater, opera, concerts, and dance on open-air stages across the city and offers something for everyone.

A group of friends enjoying swimm stop

Swim-stops are the best refreshment on hot summer days.

Cruising Croatia in August

Looking to explore the best of Croatia in the peak season? August is the great time to visit, with plenty of activities and events to keep you busy. The weather is warm, the beaches are stunning, and the islands are idyllic - not to mention the lively festival scene. Whether you're looking for a yacht trip or small ship cruise in Croatia, August is the month to do it!


With temperatures ranging from 27-30°C (80-86°F) during the day and cooling down to 21°C (70°F) at night, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities and sightseeing during their stay. The Adriatic Sea provides a refreshing respite with its pleasant 24-25°C (75-77°F) temperature range – making it the great place to relax and unwind after a long day of exploration!

What to do and where to go:

With crystal clear waters, from its beautiful coastline to its fascinating underwater world, the Elaphite Islands are a paradise for divers and nature lovers alike. Go diving and discover aquatic treasures that include wrecks, coral reefs, and caves.

Head to Šipan - an idyllic island dotted with Gothic-Renaissance mansions. Home to some of the friendliest locals around who will gladly take you to fishing excursions, offer delicious home cooked meals and golden drops of their stunning vineyards.

From sea adventures and water sports to your to-do list add vibrant beach parties and events. Visit Hvar, Brač, Murter islands, soak up the sun, culture, local music, and dance.
Don't miss out on Stivna Beach - one of the most popular spots on Vis Island - or the mesmerizing Blue Biševo Cave, a phenomenon of blue and silver shades of the sea.

Experience the feeling of sailing freedom, excitement and adrenaline flowing through your body during a bungee jump from the 40-meter high Šibenik Bridge, which offers a spectacular panorama of the river and green hills topped by the city of Šibenik.

Marvel at the stunning architecture of Trogir's narrow streets and tiny yards, then climb to the top of St. Lawrence Cathedral for a view of the entire town. Stroll around Zudika Park, which nearly surrounds the old town, and take in the sights from Kamerlengo Castle.

Events in August:

Festival Film Forum Zadar

Zadar's historical center provides the perfect backdrop for a unique European film festival experience, complete with screenings projected onto ancient facades and squares.

Sali Fiesta

Taking place on Dugi Otok, this exciting event features three days of live music, traditional food, a candlelit procession of boats around the harbor, and best of all, a unique – donkey races!

Supetar Summer

Supetar on Brač Island is host to a two-month-long festival of folk music, klapa, dance and classical concerts. Plus, there are always exhibitions, talks, and outdoor cinema happening in the evenings.

Stiniva Bay in Vis

Stiniva Bay in Vis was voted the best beach in Europe in 2016!

Cruising Croatia in September

Take advantage of the last of summer's good weather for sailing and cruise Croatia's stunning coast in September – the temperatures are still comfortably warm, and the country is teeming with activities and sights. With crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming, and an array of historical landmarks waiting to be explored, you will enjoy the velvet postseason.


You'll enjoy average temperatures of 25ºC (77ºF) during the day and lows in the mid-15ºC (59ºF) range at night. With 12 hours of daylight, you'll be able to make the most of your time exploring. And with a little rain, the Adriatic Sea stays inviting at 23ºC (73ºF). So, pack your summer gear, sunscreen, and some light layers.

What to do and where to go:

Do you prefer to travel to a less-crowded, more comfortable vacation spot? Look no further than sailing Croatia this September. The weather is milder, and the attractions are still lively but without the hordes of tourists.

See historical landmarks and museums, enjoy fresh seafood at restaurants perched on cliffs over the water, and relax on stunning beaches. Plus, take advantage of great climate for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and more!

The Kornati islands are a hidden gem in the Adriatic. Experience the serene and picturesque archipelago by sea and boat. Make sure you stop at some of his spots for a refreshing swim, then cross over into the bay for seafood grilled.

The island of Dugi-Otok is a magical place that should be visited. On this stop in Central Dalmatia, take time to explore Telašćica Natural Park with picturesque bays and a healing Salt Lake; also see Zadar’s ancient architecture before ending your day at sea! The Sea Organ may just leave you speechless—it's both an artistic as well as experimental musical instrument which creates beautiful sounds through pipes, with the power of rocking sea waves.

You won't want to miss Zadar Greetings to the sun either— where you can watch that unforgettable sunset.

The town of Rogoznica is a place for those who want to enjoy peace and quiet. On the many beaches in this area, you can soak up all the sounds as well as smells from across Mediterranean Sea and enjoying an amazing natural phenomenon: The sea lake Zmajevo oko that consists of several layers water with varying colors at different depths - on top followed by blue green; in the central part yellow and green; while the high concentration of sulfur in the lower layers makes the water pink, red or purple.

Events in September:

Korkyra Baroque Festival

The International Baroque Music Festival is an annual one-week event, staged at various locations in Korčula's Old Town. The world-renowned performers from all over come together to perform music by some of history’s most famous composers.

Bicyclists in front of yacht Yolo

Exploring Croatia by bicycle is the ultimate experience.

Cruising Croatia in October

Don't miss out on the last chance to enjoy Croatia in October, cruising postseason! With fewer crowds and fall colors, that will leave your heart full.


With daily average temperatures ranging from 64 degrees Fahrenheit (17ºC) along this beautiful coast, October makes for a pleasant outdoor activity like hiking or cycling with friends. Though the weather is more relaxed and days slightly shorter, this time of year will be rainy; you'll want to pack an umbrella along with at least two sweaters.
The waters of the Adriatic Sea remain relatively warm (17-20°C) until mid-October, making it an ideal destination not only because you can swim but also enjoy watersports such as kayaking through its crystal-clear surface... And when night falls? Let's not forget that this area offers some incredible views with twinkling stars overhead which make every moment feel dreamlike.

What to do and where to go:

Croatia has a rich history and cultural heritage. While walking through beautiful cities, you will hear exciting stories about their origin. In addition to the magnificent sea and islands, you can find a little natural paradise in nature in the mountains and national parks.

Plitvice Lakes National Park can be praised with a collection of 16 emerald-green and blue travertine lakes with more than 90 foaming waterfalls. Lastovo archipelago, a land of mystery, beauty, and dense forests is home to many centuries-old trees, high coastal cliffs, and underwater caves.

On the island of Šolta, you can find some well-known treasures that are made locally - medicinal honey and pate from olives grown on this very land centuries ago. There are anchovies in gold awarded olive oil for those looking for an extra special treat!

Events in October:

Croatia has several events in October, including film festivals popular with tourists and locals.

The Good Food Festival in Dubrovnik

Traditionally held for all excellent food and drink lovers while also enjoying workshops on doing traditional or modern dishes worldwide! And if you're looking forward to some sweet treats - the International Jam & Marmalade festival is happening too!

Croatia has a variety of destinations, and each one offers something different. Whether you're looking for sun, sea, or culture, there is something for everyone.
The best cruising season for seeing all that Croatia offers is anytime because every day brings new adventures - so go ahead -pack up those bags & come see what everyone has been talking about when they say, "Croatia is paradise found!"