Our beginning-story

Our beginning-story

1949. in Sumartin

Our father, Josip, was born in 1949. in Sumartin on the island of Brač. From an early age, he was passionately in love with the sea and ships.

Without any doubt, he finished high school in shipbuilding and got a job in the Sumartin shipyard (the oldest shipyard on the Adriatic).
He always knew he wanted to achieve a lot more. At the age of 24, out of curiosity, he moved to Canada. He got jobs in shipyards repairing ships ranging from large tugs to commercial fishing vessels, where he gathered a handful of skills and knowledge.

There he also met our mother, a native of Brač. It couldn't have been better, could it. But he was always drawn to go back to his island.
After nine years in the promised Canadian land, we returned to the island of Brac, to Postira. In 1984, our parents opened a craft to build and repair wooden boats, where the real adventure begins.

In 1993, our first small ship's construction began in the small port, which was completed after two years: boat Joan, an 18-meter boat for day trips. Although we were very young at the time, we always helped in the summer. We followed in my father's footsteps and finished shipbuilding school.

The ship Joan was an overture, and in 2004 the father decided to go further. He started creating his dream in the bay of Mala Lozna. And that piece of 31m boat for multi-day tours

People were amazed, and no one believed that from a pile of logs, behind the back of civilization, without an accompanying container, crane, electricity, only by the power of male hands, a ship would be born. It was not easy to lift half a ton of heavy logs. With great effort, step by step, after five years, we built it, but we succeeded.

Could he even get a name other than the symbolic one - "San Snova" ("Dream of Dreams") - which he bears today. He was a turning point for our family. We were sailors, waitressing from the first season, jumped into all the roles, learned to steer the ship, passed all the exams, and became captains.

Only when you sweat well can you respect such a thing, keep it and move on.

And further? Of course, there is still more.

The 38.5-meter sailing ship "Harmonia" was built in 2013 in Vranjica, an iron ship, and we took care of the woodwork and interior.
Ship "Melody" is also made of iron, built-in 2015, and inside again, our work. "Yolo" in 2019 and "Ohana" in 2020, both motor luxury yachts were built in Vranjic.

This gives us the confidence to continue with what we know best - creating cruises

We fraternally agreed; everyone got their boat. And our children have arrived, they also need to be taken care of.
With many years of experience in nautical tourism with various agencies, we decided to start our story's vision.
Croatia Cruises is another significant step forward for our family; a real dream come true. The crown of family work and harmony.

A vacation where renting a boat is a lifestyle, not a job.
We are not in a hurry; we want to meet you. We want to make sure we understand all of your needs and expectations.

Our goal is to experience the difference we deliver and how far we will go to ensure that your vacations exceed expectations. A restless search for the best service is key to our success. Flexibility and diversity are the greatest pleasure of the charter. No other vacation offers a changing background of top cities, coasts, and islands and the possibility of new experiences every day. A vacation plan allows you to decide for yourself where and when to go with the people who matter most to you.

The future is bright.
We are passionate about what we do.