Is it safe to go on a cruise

Is it safe to go on a cruise

Are mini cruisers safe?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from all travelers facing the global events affected since 2020. In ports across the country, many cruisers are at a standstill, while passengers wait for the happy news that cruising is possible again.

Croatia Cruises, recognized as a company that cares about the highest safety of its clients has been awarded the label "Safe stay in Croatia & Safe travels"

In the steps described below, we are going to highlight why mini cruisers are one of the safest types of vacation.

Small private group trips

The advantage of small cruisers over large ones is the number of people, at most 36, which allows them to meet all the requirements for social distancing. It goes without saying that the health and safety options on smaller ships are more easily sustainable compared to large cruise ships. Spacious cabins with private bathrooms, large dining rooms, and ample space for relaxation and unwinding are essential features of cruises.
Croatia Cruises works hard because we want our passengers to continue to enjoy a carefree vacation with a lot of experience. From the moment you board our ships until the day we disembark, we take every precaution to ensure the most important priorities, health and safety of all.

Staff trained for health and safety priority

Each member of our crew is trained and informed about all new procedures, including adhering to the highest hygiene standards and adhering to social recommendations for distance in interaction with guests. Hand sanitizers, masks and gloves will be used regularly. To help our guests further, we add hand sanitizer at the entrance to the salon, as well as at the entrance to the ship. Cabins will be cleaned on a daily basis, meaning all surfaces will be treated with effective sanitizers. Regular daily disinfection and cleaning of surfaces ​and all joint areas will be cleaned and sanitized with cleaning agents that have been proven to remove bacteria and viruses.
The key difference with Croatia Cruises ships is that each cabin has a separate air conditioner, which means the air entering the cabin is not shared with any other cabin. This is a key factor in ensuring that germ spread is kept to a minimum. To improve air circulation we will recommend that windows and doors in the salon be kept open during meals.

Authentic national cruise

Our small cruise ships have been navigating only through the Croatian coast, which means there are no international ports, no waiting times, or completion papers after guests get onboard. With comfortable cruising conditions thanks to the hundreds of islands that protect the sea, guests don't need worry about anything other than the picturesque view. Cruising with our us allows you to immerse yourself in a unique Croatian experience. Spend moments swimming from your boat, docking in the magical historic cities of the islands every day, and spending every evening docked at a new place where you can head out to dinner, enjoy a cocktail by the waterfront or take part in a multitude of activities.
Croatia Cruises welcomes you to a safe cruise!