Croatia 7 day cruise
- Itinerary overview

Discover enchanting Dalmatian coast & islands

Embark on a journey of a lifetime as we unveil the breathtaking beauty of the Dalmatian coast & islands. Our 7-day cruise is designed to immerse you in the rich tapestry of Croatia, where azure waters meet historic towns, and each island tells a unique story. From the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dubrovnik and Split to the hidden treasures of Vis and Korcula, every moment promises a blend of history, culture, and natural wonders.

A unique One-Way route from Split to Dubrovnik

Join us on this special vacation where every detail is tailored to create unforgettable memories. To whet your appetite, we present a sneak peek -a seven-day cruise snapshot filled with captivating details and insightful information.

Experience the charms of old town cores such as Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir or Korcula, swim in the secret coves of beautiful islands such as Vis and Hvar, and enjoy the nature of the national parks Mljet, Kornati or Krka, all in 7 days.
Our route itinerary is a carefully crafted narrative that promises an unforgettable 7-day cruise experience. Note how this is just a glimpse – an itinerary overview of the many unique routes we navigate with our small cruise ships, each promising its own set of adventures and discoveries.

Welcome to the beginning of your extraordinary Croatian cruise experience.

MY Ohana anchored on the island of Brac
MY Ohana anchored on the island of Brac


Day 1 – Saturday

Boarding starts at 1 pm, after which you will have enough time to settle comfortably into your cabin. You only unpack once a week, because the small cruise ships are like a luxury hotel on the sea that gives you a pleasant trip and becomes your second home.

Start your journey with a warm welcome drink as you acquaint yourself with the crew. Our inaugural voyage takes us to the charming village of Pucisca on the northern side of Brac Island. During navigation, you can relax in the ship pool or jacuzzi to ensure a delightful and relaxing experience.

After a brief and delightful journey, we arrive in Pucisca, our destination for the first night filled with dinner and conviviality. Our onboard chef, dedicated to culinary excellence, will treat you to a bespoke dining experience to elevate the evening of a memorable celebration of taste and camaraderie.

Pucisca has recently listed in the top 10 most beautiful places in Europe. Known as the “Port of 13 towers”, Pucisca was for centuries an ideally protected port, as it was both hidden and well-fortified. You can still find the remains of a few of these towers while walking around the village.

One thing that for sure describes Pucisca the best – is white limestone. And this is something that you will notice first while entering Pucisca bay – all the houses in this village are made from stone. The local quarry has certainly formed the lives of the domestic population. For centuries, together with agriculture, it was the main source of local income. Stone from this query was used to build famous buildings in Croatia and abroad. One of them is Diocletian’s Palace in Split. A local story says that this stone was even brought to Washington and it was used in the construction of the White House. Nevertheless, stone and stonemasons have always been a significant part of the history of Pucisca. Therefore, it is not surprising that a stonemason high school was founded right here in this town, unique in this part of Europe, has an almost a hundred years-long tradition, and has formed many generations of skilled craftsmen. This stonemason school is certainly a must-see location while visiting Pucisca. Numerous stone sculptures are located around the area, so it looks like you are in a museum.

Enjoy in this fascinated, enigmatic, and irresistible small place, and don't forget to buy a souvenir.


Day 2 – Sunday

After breakfast, we will sail towards the island of Hvar the sunniest island in the Adriatic.
But first we will take to the Pakleni islands, which spread like a diamond necklace in front of the town of Hvar. Over six kilometers long group of about 20 islands and cliffs of unique beauty.

Take your swimsuits and sunglasses it is time to anchoring in a beautiful bay, enjoy water sports activities, swim in the clear turquoise sea, and the crew will prepare gourmet Dalmatian snacks and refreshing drinks for you. Can you imagine a better way to spend the morning? No, it doesn't seem impossible to you, in fact, this private trip is so unique, trust us, once you come on a cruise, you can't come back.

In the meantime, our chef will prepare a gourmet lunch for you and through the afternoon we come to the town of Hvar The first moment you step into this lovely town, you will immediately feel its charm. Many will say of it that it is a real city from a fairy tale. There are many examples of beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture - monuments in monuments, monuments on monuments.

We advise you to take a walk along the main square, the waterfront surrounded by palm trees, and to the Fortica fortress where you will experience an unforgettable panoramic view.

Being the sunniest island in the Adriatic, it's renowned for its flourishing vineyards and exceptional wines. Consider indulging in unique wine tastings we can help you arrange. Often referred to as the island of lavender, you have the opportunity to savor lavender-infused delights such as jam, cookies adorned with lavender flowers, lavender-scented champagne, and even ice cream or cake topped with lavender juice.


Day 3 – Monday

As usual, after breakfast served in an environment of untouched nature, you will sail to your next place - the island of Vis, which is the most remote inhabited island of the central Dalmatian archipelago.
Before the entering port of Vis, we will anchor the boat in the bay so you refresh and enjoy the charms of the Adriatic Sea.

After enjoying a delicious gastronomic lunch from the ship's kitchen, we will moor the boat in the port of Vis.
Get to know this place which is known for its cultural richness and historical heritage, as well as for its natural beauty.

Vis is also known as one of the "forbidden islands" during communism. Due to this isolation, it remained protected from human influence more than other islands in the area, and the nature on Vis is more untouched and preserved than elsewhere. Even today throughout the island we can find many hidden tunnels that testify to this.

There are many different excursions and activities on the island of Vis. Choose a wine tour to savor the renowned Vugava wine, delight in the diverse gastronomy at local restaurants and taverns, or opt for a military tour. Each option guarantees a unique experience, allowing you to discover the charms of this beautiful island.


Day 4 – Tuesday

This morning you will have a few extra hours of navigation, so it is a time to enjoy the relaxing motion of the Adriatic Sea, mesmerizing sounds and smells. You can sit outside in the stern saloon and enjoy a cup of coffee, simply relax in the sun, read a favorite book or spend time in a jacuzzi, the perfect place to relax. Don’t worry we take you for a swim and then another phenomenal lunch prepared by our chef.

Our next stop is the town of Korcula on the island of the same name, which is known for its timeless beauty.
Decorated by the Adriatic, it is surrounded by city walls and towers and is often compared to Dubrovnik, and you will find out why this is so when we take you to Dubrovnik.
The city is widely known for the world traveler Marco Polo, who is believed to have been born in Korcula, and reminders of him can be found in every corner, including the extremely interesting Marco Polo Museum, which you should definitely visit.

The turbulent history of Korcula is written in stone and is visible in all parts of this unique island which is built from east to west by a series of narrow streets reminiscent of herringbone. Walking through the streets of Korcula, this unique town, you will immediately feel its charm: palm trees and excellent restaurants located by the sea, massive stone walls with a unique view serving the best cocktails, cobbled stone streets, unique Renaissance houses and churches, charming shops - Korcula has all.

Combined with beautiful nature, vibrant gastronomy and warm and hospitable people is the formula for the success of this city; you will be delighted.


Day 5 – Wednesday

For the organization of the whole week, we will do our best, because we want you to retell this journey for generations.

Breakfast is followed by a short cruise. We will take you to one of the most beautiful National Parks, let's travel to Mljet, a magical island of green forests.

You will have almost a whole day to explore this amazing island and its National Park. Enjoy the greenest and one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic. Covered with Mediterranean forest and shady paths, rich in flora and fauna untouched for centuries. So magical that you will certainly, at least for a moment, reconnect with nature.

For many years, until the end of the 18th century, only Benedictine monks walked these forest paths. On a small island in the Great Lake, they built a monastery and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, which is today a tourist attraction. Great and Small, salt lakes, are the most interesting parts of the park and represent a natural phenomenon. You can reach the lake by bike or on foot, and from there small ships are organized to visit the small island and the monastery, and you can also swim in the lakes. Small and Great lake are ideal for kayaking and canoeing.

An interesting story is associated with this island, the story of Odysseus, an ancient hero who wandered the seas returning home from the Trojan War and experiencing a shipwreck. Legend has it that the mistress of the Greek hero Odysseus, the nymph Calypso, chose this island as her home, where she kept Odysseus for almost seven years. In the stone on the south side of the island remains a cave named after the Greek adventurer Odysseus. Whether there is truth in the legend or not, only the sea knows the answer.

Apart from the fact that swimmers will be able to enjoy the clear sea, you will also be able to fill your free time with various sports facilities. Many people consider the island of Mljet to be one of the most beautiful diving destinations, so we recommend that you explore the seabed of this island.
The island is full of curiosities and opportunities for unique and unforgettable experiences.

As the night drops and you finish with wonderful nature activities, we will be waiting for you with a surprise dinner once you get back onboard.


Day 6 – Thursday

With breakfast we embark on a new exploration of the Adriatic coast, we go on another sea adventure - to explore the Elaphite Islands.

Spreading directly in front of the city of Dubrovnik, the archipelago of 13 islands offers an incredible combination of rich history, untouched nature, and indigenous island peace. Each of them abounds in beautiful architecture, unique summer houses, numerous churches and palaces, and nature that offers something different on each island.

A little longer sailing awaits us, but you know how you will spend a relaxing morning on the ship. After lunch, we will find a beautiful bay, anchor, and enjoy swimming, and then sail a little more to our destination, the island of Sipan - Prince Elafiti.

The Elaphite Islands are places of lush Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation and rich history, as evidenced by the heritage of sacral and secular architecture. The island of Sipan is the largest of the Elafiti. It is also an island of peace and harmony, which has retained the spirit of the old days, the time has really stopped on that island, and only a few renovations of old summer houses hint at how we live in the 21st century.
There are two main places on this island; Suđurađ on the east side where you will see a large fertile field and a "small million" olives and figs, ideal for spending time cycling or hiking. In Sudurad you can visit the castle Stijepović-Skočibuha, the best-preserved summer residence on the island.

Sipanska Luka is located on the west side of the island, a rich sacral tradition with as many as forty-three churches that once served the population as a shelter from pirate incursions, and as a reminder of old times today you can see old palaces that today get a little new shine.
In this place, you can eat great and enjoy the local indigenous specialties for which Sipanska Luka is known beyond the borders of Europe. Sipan is entered in the Guinness Book of Records because of the largest number of olives in relation to its size, which are a consequence of tradition, but also the fact that there are sources of drinking water on the island.
Feel the spirit of this little island.

According to your wishes, we can spend the night in the village or at anchor in one of the unique bays.


Day 7 – Friday

The famous writer George Bernard Shaw wrote: "Those who seek paradise on earth should come and visit Dubrovnik."

Before visiting this amazing city, after breakfast, we stop for a swim, enjoy water sports and another famous gourmet lunch.

A stunning city, the "pearl of the Adriatic" of stone and light in 1979 became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the extreme south of the Republic of Croatia, Dubrovniik is like an open palm under the stars, and its history is long and extraordinary

On the last day, you will visit this proud city that has survived several earthquakes and wars, which has managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces, fountains, but it still shines in its full splendor.

Dubrovnik was initially known as Ragusa, the earliest archaeological evidence dates back to the 8th century, it had one of the most developed navies in history, and many forces fought to conquer it. However, Dubrovnik managed to keep its freedom with its cultural sights and walls that served to defend the city.

Dubrovnik is a fantastic city, and its beauty will best enchant and convince you of that. We suggest that you start your visit with a walk through the city walls and Stradun, the most beautiful Baroque-looking street in the heart of the old town, 298 m long, which connects the east and west gates of the city.
The popularity of Stradun, its beauty, and cosmopolitan spirit are evidenced by the fact that in recent years the world has recognized a place to shoot attractive series and films such as 'Star Wars' and 'Game of Thrones'.

By visiting the Rector's Palace Sponza and the city cathedral, you will see the preserved remains of the city's patron saint Vlaho. Visit the Franciscan monastery with the oldest pharmacy in Europe. There is so much to see in Dubrovnik. Enjoy unforgettable views from one of the city fortresses or city walls. Perhaps by cable car to the hill Srđ, which is located on the north side of the city, and its slopes descend to the sea, and today offers a spectacular view of the city and its surroundings.

In Dubrovnik, history is combined with colorful and diverse gastronomy, rich culture, luxury shops and nightlife. There is something for everyone. So, set out to explore this wonderful city.


Check out day: Saturday

The day when we say goodbye has come.

Your disembarkation is at 09:00 AM, just after breakfast.
Enjoy your cup of coffee at the end of this never-to-be-forgotten experience.

As you read this, feel free to indulge and reach us for more details. We hope we have convinced you that this is a special trip, the cruise is like nothing you have already experienced. You will learn new customs and cultures, meet many kind local people, and connect with family and friends.

Traveling on our ships is a triple pleasure: the expectation, the dazzle, and the memory...
Looking forward to seeing you in Croatia!