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Safe stay in Croatia
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Couple enyojing paddleboarding
The Most Romantic Places of Croatia

by Pave Š

Each corner of Croatia invites love to bloom in its enchanting ambiance. So, which part of Croatia is the best for couples? And where's the prettiest place?
Are you wondering if Croatia is a romantic destination? Read more in our blog post. Read More

Peka opn the fire place
Croatian Food: Traditional Dishes to try when in Croatia

by Pave Š

Croatian food, a vibrant culinary tapestry, narrates the nation's rich story. Unravel its richness by sampling these traditional dishes on your next trip.
Embark on a flavorful journey through Croatia, from your home! Read More

Traveler walking with the suitcase
Tips for the first-time cruisers

by Ivana Š

Essential Tips for First-Time Cruisers

Here are some tips and advice to help first-time cruisers prepare for their trip and make the most out of their experience on board. Read More

Our ships Harmonia and YOLO on the island Mljet
Best time to cruise Croatia

by Ivana P

Get to know what is the best time to cruise in Croatia.

Find which month suits the most for your preferences and easily plan your perfect cruise vacation. Read More

Under the rainbow onboard Melody
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Review for cruise season 2021

by Ivana P

A short look back at many beautiful moments spent in the wonderful cruise season 2021.

The Croatian summer cruise of 2021 was a fantastic experience for everyone on board. It is always so much fun to meet new people from all around the world and share great experience together! Read More

Our fleet on the island Brac
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What is included in a cruise package

by Ivana P

Cruise vacation in Croatia has never been more affordable and is one of the better ways to explore miles of stunning coastline at your own pace.

Find out in detail the content and list of accessories you can expect on your cruise vacation. Read More

MS Melody docked in Drvenik
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What to pack for a cruise

by Ivana P

There are many things that most people would not think to pack and which can be extremely useful on your cruise because cruising is a little different from any other vacation.

You only unpack once a week, because the boats are like a luxury hotel on the sea that gives you a pleasant trip and becomes your second home. Read More

MS Harmonia in font of Dubrovnik
United Airlines connect Dubrovnik and New York

by Ivana P

The big news resounded this week that United Airlines will introduce the New York - Dubrovnik - New York route from this July.

This undoubtedly will be a big boost for the tourism industry, and direct flights mean that tourists from all over the US could spend their summers in Croatia. Read More

Croatia is open for tourist purposes
Travel update regarding entry to Croatia

by Ivana P

Croatia takes systematic care of all segments in order to meet all safety and health conditions, and at the same time make it easier for tourists to come to Croatia as a desirable tourist destination.

Requirements may vary slightly depending on the country you come from. Read More

Birdview of MS Ohana & MS YOLO during navigation at sea,
Is it safe to go on a cruise

by Ivana P

This is one of the most common questions we hear from all travelers facing the global events affected since 2020. In ports across the country, many cruisers are at a standstill, while passengers wait for the happy news that cruising is possible again.

In this post we are going to highlight why mini cruisers are one of the safest types of vacation. Read More

Croatia Cruises awarded with "Safe stay in Croatia & Safe travels" label

by Ivana P

We are glad to announce that Croatia Cruises has been recognized as a company that takes care of the highest safety of its clients.

As proof of this great success, we were awarded the "Safe stay in Croatia & Safe travels" label. Read More

Croatia 7 day cruise

by Ivana P

Among millions of islands around the world, the Croatian coast is considered unique. Stretching from the island on the north to the south, this magnificent coastline custom-made for small ship cruising and is the perfect way to see this beautiful country.
To bring you closer to this unique journey, we have prepared for you an example of a 7-day cruise with lots of details and information. Read More

Why small cruise ship

by Ivana P

Think about it – a chilled time, complete relaxation, holidays with motion & freedom, every day new destinations while enjoying the best possible views of the clean seas and unexplored islands.

One of the major benefits of taking a cruise is that there is no time lost traveling between places that you visit.Read More

Our beginning-story

by Pave Š

Our father, Josip, was born in 1949. in Sumartin on the island of Brač. From an early age, he was passionately in love with the sea and ships.

Without any doubt, he finished high school in shipbuilding and got a job in the Sumartin shipyard (the oldest shipyard on the Adriatic).

Read More


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