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A popular choice for island hopping, family adventure holidays, or even hosting team building events. Upgrade your cruising holidays with Croatia Cruises and create your new story to tell.

Intimate Cruise Ships & Breathtaking Coastal Getaways

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A unique way of traveling and the easiest ways to discover the Croatian coast

Every day a new place
Can you remember how many times you have visited few destinations in just a couple of days? Enjoy the amazing view of the beautiful sea scenery, unexplored islands, and some famous Croatian old towns.

Holidays with motion & freedom
Take your vacation plans to another level and create memories for a lifetime. No other holiday offers accommodation with a changeable backdrop of nature, coastlines, and islands.

Sail to more than 1200 islands
Discover the relaxing motion of the Adriatic Sea, mesmerizing sounds & smells. View secret hiding places, explore islets & reefs of the Croatian coast, remote locations and tours that can only be reached by sailing the sea.

Personalized all inclusive cruises
Perhaps you seek many activities while your cruise trip or looking for a cruising holiday with swimming in the most beautiful bays. As your travel creator, we will create for you, your family & friends, the ultimate cruise experience.

Organizing perfect cruise has never been easier

We want to get to know you to make sure we understand all of your needs and expectations, to get the best possible experience for the perfect cruising holidays while your trip to Croatia!

1 Get in Touch With Our Cruise Experts

Great thing about planning a cruise with us is that so many details are taken care of before you even set sail. Use our filters to find the cruising holiday and different travel tours that suits you best according to your needs.

2 Croatia Holiday Deals

Unlock unique experiences - no request is too big or small. Whether you already have a few places in mind, know which small ship you want to sail on, or start the process all over again, we’ve made it easier to plan and book a cruise.

3 Sea You Onboard

Now that we have found a cruise tailored to your needs, you are on your way to a blissful vacation. When it's time for you, we'll be ready. Let's go there, together.

Explore our fleet

Step out of your everyday life and treat yourself with a best small ship cruise in Croatia. Private luxury cruising is one of the best ways to explore the Adriatic sea and coast.

We are the proud owners and booking agency of our fleet, with that in mind we strive to provide the best quality and performance to our guests and a unique cruise experience.

Take a closer look at our ships and choose your favorite vessel.

30+ years of cruising experience


Ship building

Small cruise ships built in Croatia. New generation in nautical tourism.


Exclusive places

Explore amazing places of Croatia. Either you like fancy clubs and restaurants or you preffer isolted bay, we got you covered.


Local tour guide

Let us be your host while in Croatia. We take care about smallest details.

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Returnable guests

We've built strong relationships with our clients which by the years becomes part of the family.

Meet Croatia like never before

Have you ever been on a luxury sailing vacation in Croatia?

Be our guests and let our team of experts present you with a unique view of Croatia.

Favorite vacation destinations

Small Cruise Excursions

A diver dives into the sea next to him are fish and algae
  • Adventure


    If you are a fan of cycling, you will find a variety of excellent trails for everyone's taste in which you will enjoy the natural beauties of Dalmatia. From macadam roads perfect for mountain biking to paved roads for family trips.

  • Historical


    Get to know the rich Dalmatian past with our experienced guides. Dock with our small cruise ship in King's Landing and visit stunning Dubrovnik and some of the oldest European towns. Visit historic towns and islands, learn more about this beautiful country and it's people.

  • Wine tour


    For all lovers of wine and gastronomy, welcome to the art of wine. Each of our regions has a specific gastronomic identity that matches the wines from which excellent ideas for creating themed tourist tours have emerged. Travel along the coast following the traces of grapes, explore wines aged in amphorae or buried on the seabed.

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